Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'd forgotten how much I hate finals. I mean, like - well I tried to think of a really gory analogy/metaphor but frankly the only thing running through my head is the State Action doctrine and Dormant Commerce Clause. See - I even capitalized them! sheesh.

Anyway, I needed a wee break and discovered "Steve - Don't Eat It!" It really helped lighten my mood. And my stomach. Be sure to read about the Cuitlacoche (a strong contender for my Evidence Final experience), Natto (just like good ol Bus Assoc), and yes, Prison Wine (mmm alcohol and dirty socks)!! Steve is hilarious. I found him through Natalie Dee's website. She's one of the funniest people alive. I wish Con Law was funny.

EDIT: fixed dee's link. im dum.


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