Friday, December 29, 2006

One of the best presents I received this year was the Garfield Cat Tales DVD set. This has provided me with hours of nostalgic joy and fun. Back then, Garfield rocked! I love the sarcasm, and the little Vaudeville-esque bits he and Odie performed.

My favorite one is still Garfield in Paradise, with the intro song of "Hello Hawaii". When Garfield, Odie, and John are "stranded" in a primitive village, the villagers all bow down to his '68 chevy and chant, "Chroooome, chrooooome, chrooooome," and then someone raises his head and says in a deep voice, "Bopbop-uhdeebop," and then back to "Chrooooome . . ." Priceless.

Behold the joy that is YouTube: Garfield Christmas Special Part I, Part II, Part III - or, just the Christmas Song (I identified mightily with the ending, ha)

And, my next favorite after Garfield in Paradise: Garfield's Halloween Adventure Part I, Part II, Part III - or, if you'd just like to watch the songs: What Should I Be? and Scaredy Cat

There are probably tons more but I got tired of looking.

Incidentally, over xmas we discovered that not one but two members of the fam are full-blown, still-in-denial alcoholics. Yay. I think from now on, I'm going to leave alcohol for special occasions. Kinda sucks, but whatevs. Hey it's my first resolution, yay!!


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