miniblog: Gritting of the teeth, and then . . . *bliss*

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gritting of the teeth, and then . . . *bliss*

Okay, so not only am I still recovering from being horribly sick, but I'm also recovering from a bone bruise on my heel (if you're female and over 28, never go for a run on the street/sidewalk without shoes), meaning I'm pretty much bed- and desk-bound for the mo. Tres frustrating, and to top it all off, the neighborhood kids have been having relay races outside, up and down my street, like all freaking day. I'm not angry with them - I want to go run with them!!! It's rare when they all come together like this. Oh and somewhere out with them is a really cute little puppy bouncing around, making me even more miserable.

So I thought I'd work on my Opening Statement (omg I typed Oral Argument first, banish the thought!!), seeing as how I have to recite it from memory on Wednesday. So I plop down in my chair, plug in the ol iTunes, and set it to play Random from only the A's (no idea why).

Total freaking magic!!! Like, seriously!!! You know how that happens sometimes, when random things somehow are just perfect? To be fair, I interfered a touch, keeping it on certain artists for a bit longer than others, but omg it was pure beauty, the transitions, the everything. So I'm posting it here. Wish I had one of those Flash playlist thingies but oh well. It's short, but gorgeous (like a certain kitteh I know):

Afro Celt Sound System – The Road to Exile, Mama Ararira (both from Hotel Rwanda soundtrack)
America – Ventura Highway, Horse with No Name, Sandman, Lonely People, I Need You
Anne-Sophie Mutter – Track 6, the background of which sounds deliciously like Camille Saint-Saens' Samson et Dalila: Op. 47 Bacchanale, one of the first true soundtrack-esque pieces (a whole story in a song: beginning, rising action, climax, resolution, etc), and an unfailing delight to listen to, time after time after time.
Annie Lennox – Don’t Let It Bring You Down
Anthrax – Black Lodge
Apoptygma Berzerk – Headhunter Remix (orig Front 242), Sweet Remix (orig Switchblade Symphony)
Arctic Monkeys – From the Ritz to the Rubble
Assemblage 23 – Disappoint (Funker Vogt Remix)

"give em a wee listen!"


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